March 5, 2010

Music Review: These New Puritans – Hidden [short]

Towards the end of last year young British post-punk band These New Puritans put out a stunning video for their digital single "We Want War", which garnered them a lot of attention. Hidden – being their sophomore album - has been hotly anticipated ever since. These New Puritans, often abbreviated to TNPS, are a rag-tag 4-piece from Southend-On-Sea, a decaying seaside town not far from London, England. Echoing the experimentation of artists such as Björk and Scott Walker, Hidden blends Foley samples, taiko drums, oboes and a children’s choir into their unique brand of post-punk. The album manages to blend the angular guitar stylings of Liars and Gang of Four with the urban dance of MIA and the experimentation of the aforementioned Icelandic diva. The end result is a fascinating collection of brooding, percussive and melodic songs – danceable and cerebral. Without doubt one of the most compelling albums of the year so far.

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